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5 Healthy Eating Tips for COPD

Nov 5, 2019
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For people living with COPD, easy, everyday tasks can be a challenge – including eating. While eating healthy is important for everybody, it’s particularly important for those with COPD. Because COPD is a hypermetabolic state (source: Norman H. Edelman, MD, American Lung Association), people with COPD often lose weight because of how many calories they are burning. To keep yourself nourished, here are a few healthy eating tips for COPD from

**Always discuss with your doctor eating and nutrition plans before altering your diet.

  1. Cut down on foods that cause bloating: Foods like cabbage, beans, and broccoli can cause gas, while greasy, fried foods can lead to bloating. Bloating causes pressure on your lower stomach that will make breathing more difficult. 


  1. Increase foods that are high in antioxidants: According to Dr. Edelman, foods that are high in antioxidants, such as berries and nuts, may be beneficial to lung health.


  1. Variety is key: Follow the rules of the food pyramid that you’ve been taught since you were a kid. Make sure your diet includes fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, and meats.


  1. Cut out salt: Salty foods cause you to retain fluids that hamper your breathing. They can also cause you to bloat, making it harder for you to breathe. If you buy pre-made or packaged foods, try getting a low-sodium option. 


  1. Save your drink for the end: Fluids can fill you up, fast. Try holding your drinks until the end of the meal. That way you can get an appropriate amount of food into your system to keep you nourished. 

While eating healthy cannot reverse COPD, it can help you feel better, and lead a healthier life. Be sure to discuss with your doctor about what types of foods, drinks, and supplements are best for you. 

** Always check with your doctor before starting any meal plan. This information is not meant to provide medical/nutritional information.

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